Medical Marijuana Jobs

Colorado Medical Marijuana Jobs


Medical Marijuana was voted into Colorado law on June 6th, 2001. Since then, and especially in the last five years, the lush Colorado medical marijuana industry has been helping to fuel a struggling state economy in Colorado by creating local jobs for residents. When you think of a medical marijuana job, you most likely picture working at a medical marijuana dispensary as a bud-tender, or a job as a bud clipper, trimming cannabis plants for a dispensary, caregiver or individual patients growing for medicinal use. But there are many types of medical marijuana jobs that most people have never thought of or even heard of.



Colorado's still developing legal marijuana trade now presents jobs and employment opportunities that closely mirror those commonly offered by companies in other large Colorado industries.  Like other major job creating industries in the state, legal marijuana in Colorado has created a diverse spectrum of job opportunities, each different requirements that applicants must meet and with different rates of pay or annual salary.  Colorado businesses hiring for marijuana jobs or employment seek individuals with many different specialties, talents, employment histories and education levels.  Some Colorado marijuana jobs come up rarely and are highly sought after by mmj patients seeking a job in the industry, while other marijuana job titles can be found listed online or running in Colorado classifieds by different a different medical marijuana business every week.  


Certain certificates and university degrees are required from candidates that are applying for some Colorado marijuana jobs or employment opportunities.  With few exceptions, companies seeking to hire medical marijuana physicians to recommend individuals to qualify for a Colorado medical marijuana license require that job applicants have an MD before being considered for employment.  Most Colorado marijuana jobs have less demanding standards and requirements than those set for medical marijuana physician.  A growing number of Colorado medical marijuana jobs or employment opportunities require applicants to complete medical marijuana certificate programs or take marijuana education courses that relate to their job function in order to be hired.  Still other marijuana jobs or careers in Colorado require few prerequisites of applicants.




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